William (Bill) Broughton (composer/artist/conductor/producer, author and motivational speaker) spends his time composing and arranging commissions for various genres in Orchestra, Concert Band, Brass Band, Big band and other musical groups. He was, from 2003-2007, part-time lecturer at Adelaide University Elder School of Music with large and small ensembles, composition/arranging, film scoring, one to one tutoring and brass masters classes. He also travels interstate lecturing at other schools, performing as conductor and soloist as well as giving motivational presentations.

“Performing,” says Bill Broughton “is a gift you have to give away.” And Bill has given a lot in his thirty-some year career not only as a virtuoso trombonist, but as a composer, conductor, writer and producer as well.

Bill Broughton began his career as a studio musician in 1968 and soon was playing trombone for television and motion picture studios in Hollywood.

A short list of some of the television shows Bill played for are Bonanza, Gunsmoke, Little House On The Prairie, Kojak, Police Woman, and Hawaii 5-0.

Just two of many motion pictures that Bill has played on are Jaws 2, and The Godfather II.

As a player, Bill performed for artists from Sinatra to Streisand, but also enjoyed tenure with The Roger Wagner Chorale and Symphonia Orchestra, The New York Ballet (West Coast performances), San Francisco Ballet, Glendale Symphony and other organizations. It was there that he came to the attention of the top composers and conductors like David Rose, Lalo Schifrin, Morton Stevens, and Carmen Dragon.

With that kind of encouragement, Bill moved easily into the next phase of his career. Composing for shows like “Quincy, M.E.,” “Hawaii 5-0,” “BJ and the Bear,” “The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo,” “The Tonight Show,” “Buck Rogers,” “The Fall Guy,” “It Happened One Christmas,” (Movie of the week) “Wheels,” (movie of the week) and others, he soon accumulated an impressive resume of nearly 100 musical scores for television. He also had several Symphonic and other commissioned compositions premiered as well.

For five years Bill was the executive producer of over 70 major musical comedy productions for Bullwinkle’s Inc. Writing many scripts and all of the music, Bill eventually compiled more than 50 songs over 100 scripts using the original cartoon voices of Bill Scott, (Bullwinkle and Dudley Do-Right) and June Foray, (Rocky and Natasha).

After his relocation to Atlanta, he completed a major project for the Disney/MGM Studios in Orlando, Florida. The project encompassed not only musical productions and arrangements for the main live show “Hooray for Hollywood,” but also entailed scripts, staging and direction, as well as most the of repertoire for a comedic musical trio in the Animation Pavilion called the “Toon Town Trio”.

In October 1994, Intersound International released six albums entitled The Magic of The Movies with Bill as artist and conductor. The titles of the albums are: The Great Epics, Final Frontier, Music For Murder, War Is Hell, Wild Wild Westerns and Sex and Seduction. He arranged and compiled complete scores and orchestrations for full orchestra, many from the original sound tracks, then conducted the National Symphony of Mexico (The Orchestra Of The Americas) in the recording. Following a successful release Bill completed two more albums for the series, Heartstrings and Fine Romance, released in January 1996. Bill is also featured as trombone soloist on some of the arrangements and albums.

Also in 1994, Bill wrote and narrated a tongue-in-cheek CD-ROM and video entitled The Closet Conductor for Intersound International. It was the company’s first product and venture into the world of CD-ROM.

As if that’s not enough, Bill has written and performed on the albums “Spiritual To The Bone,” and “Spiritual To The Bone 2,” two jazz albums of all trombone artists that has been given rave reviews by professionals in the industry, including Billboard Magazine.

To keep in touch with his associates on the West Coast, Bill occasionally played on movie calls. In recent years he was on “Honey I Blew Up The Kid,” “Homeward Bound,” “For Love Or Money,” (featured soloist),“Baby’s Day Out,” and “Miracle On 34th Street”, “Homeward Bound II” (Lost In San Francisco), to name a few.

In March 1996, Bill was hired to be the Music Director for the opening and closing ceremonies for the 1996 Atlanta Paralympics Games. His responsibilities included writing original music as well as conduct and oversee any and all music production for the event. Special guest stars for the just completed Opening Ceremonies were Carly Simon, Liza Minnelli, Aretha Franklin, Kirk Franklin and the Family, Hall and Oates, Raven Simone, Christopher Reeve, Teddy Pendergrass and Rachel Barton. Original music composed by Bill, for the event, included an original march (The American) for colorguard entry, an eight-minute overture (Triumphant) to begin the ceremonies and various playons, underscores and additional arrangements, including one for Ms. Simon. Bill also conducted a 60-piece orchestra comprised mostly of Atlanta Symphony Musicians.

Bill served as “Artist in Residence” for four years at LaGrange College in LaGrange, Georgia. He teaches, privately, aspiring young composers, film composing, commercial arranging and the business of music and has also developed a course on intellectual properties (copyright). He has also been Adjunct professor at Georgia State University where he taught Film Scoring.

Studios are no stranger to Bill as he worked in almost every major one in Hollywood: Warner’s, MGM/Sony, Paramount, Fox and Universal to name a few. However, while he was working he was also learning by spending many hours with the engineers, editors and key people within the industry so that he would understand the industry’s most important elements.

Bill has also made solo/lecture tours to Japan, Australia, Norway, The Netherlands and the UK. On his tours he not only performs but also gives lectures on the music industry, music copyright and publishing as well as motivational presentations.

Bill’s integrity has allowed him the opportunity to work with the finest professional people in the entertainment industry. His gregarious spirit and positive attitude have allowed him, on many occasions, to turn difficult (and potentially disastrous) situations into great opportunities. His abilities to encourage and motivate people into giving their best are well-known parts of his personality.