James and John Morrison with their biggest fan
James and John Morrison with their biggest fan
Some people can really teach, some can really play, others have vast experience and knowledge of music – In Bill Broughton you get it all, and then some. Bill is that rare commodity, the complete musician. No matter if it’s classics, pop or jazz, Bill is at home – and much more than that, he’s able to pass on his love of the music and inspire those around him.

James Morrison
World renown Musician & Aussie Icon
Bill Broughton is highly experienced in every facet of today’s music. He’s always been one of my favorite heros.

Sammy Nestico
World renown Composer
At last we have a new talent in our music world that will be of lasting quality plus a freshness of approach. What Bill writes is big in scope and sound and makes an immediate impact upon the listener…

David Rose
Famed Hollywood Composer
Bill Broughton is an all around musician, an excellent arranger, composer, conductor and above all, a virtuoso trombonist. He can seduce you with his velvet tone (very reminiscent of Tommy Dorsey) in lyrical ballads and also he can dazzle you with his very fiery dexterity in numbers like “Flight of the Bumble Bee".

Lalo Schifrin
Hollywood Film Composer / Conductor
Bill Broughton brings outstanding expertise and musicianship garnered through a long career filled with distinguished achievements. His work with the Adelaide Symphony has provided ample demonstration of his unique and wonderful abilities as conductor, arranger and performer (he makes the trombone sing!). Bill has particular skill in making a personal connection with the audience and his warmth is immediately engaging.

James Koehne
Artistic Administrator, Adelaide Symphony Orchestra
It has been my privilege to know Bill Broughton for over twenty years. We first met in Los Angeles and enjoyed an immediate rapport. In the following years I have come to respect his outstanding talent as a composer, conductor, performer and arranger as well as a friend and mentor. His accomplishments are of the highest order and his reputation amongst peers is without question. I know his move to Australia has brought a wealth of experience to the music industry in this country that will be felt for some time to come. I can highly recommend him to any educational institution or performance group that wishes to engage his services.

Barrie Gott
Musical Director, Queensland Pops Orchestra
Bill always was, and I’m glad to hear still is, so secure. I have the relaxed feeling that everything will come out just fine, and what he is doing is not easy. Nice mellow, balanced sound all around.

Dick Nash
Hollywood Recording Artist
Bill Broughton is probably one of the finest talents around. to say he plays well is the understatement of the years!

George Roberts
Hollywood recording artist, Clinician
Bill Broughton has had a tremendous impact on our music program – he is an inspirational role model to our students. Bill Broughton is a musician without peer – his musicianship and professionalism is of the highest order.

Dr. Kevin Cameron
Music Director Pembroke School, Adelaide, SA
Mr Broughton is a musician who brings with him, a considerable international reputation. His extraordinary ability on the trombone is immediately recognisable through the numerous recordings that are now attributed to him. His conducting, composing and arranging skills have been well exhibited via many years of working in the television and film industry in Hollywood. Through his combined experiences in working at the top of his field in all of the above categories, it is also not surprising that Mr Broughton has amassed considerable professional, business and practical skills essential to success and survival in the music industry. Yet, impressive as his CV is, the principal interest in engaging Mr Broughton relates directly to his immense ability to teach and inspire in all of these areas. Mr Broughton’s approach to pedagogy is overwhelmingly refreshing, original and positive. His uncanny and innate ability to motivate and inspire can achieve more in one week with students, than a year with their regular teachers; yet his approach is never offensive to the latter. His amazing motivational manner is always evident, whether in a practical lesson, a class lesson or a music rehearsal; and it is, I believe, what combines with his musical ability, to create a unique talent that is rarely seen or experienced in this country. Mr Broughton has visited Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School on a number of occasions spanning several years. Such is the accumulative reaction to his visits, that we often state in a time of musical need “Ask for the Bill”!

Peter Chaplin
(M.Mus) Director of Music
We were delighted to have Bill Broughton visit our school to present workshops to our intermediate and senior concert bands, trombone ensemble and our senior big band. These workshops were inspiring for both staff and students. Bill has a fantastic rapport with students of all ages and abilities and is a brlliant motivational speaker as well as music educator. Our students not only improved their music skills but their life skills as well. Bill is the best guest coductor/teacher I have had work with my students and I would highly recommend him to anyone at any level from primary school to tertiary.

Mr. Ross Capern
Director of Music, St. Laurence’s College, South Brisbane, Queensland
William Broughton is a unique musician who motivates and encourages musicians at all levels. He is gifted way beyond the norm with outstanding skills and knowledge in performance and arranging; skills which he willingly shares as he adjudicates, conducts master classes and moves within the music industry.

Bruce Raymond
President, South Australia Band Association
I have commissioned Bill Broughton to write a variety of music for school ensembles at Wilderness- Stage Band, Concert Band and String Orchestra. His music is always well crafted and brings a subtle sophistication to the school repertoire. When Bill came into work with students in rehearsal, his musicality and technical proficiency is immediately obvious to both students and staff, but it is his enthusiasm and passion for music and young people’s involvement in this art form that has the greatest impact. Bill’s effervescent approach to music is contagious. Students leave a rehearsal bubbling over with enthusiasm and are satisfied that they have had the experience of working with a true master. He brings knowledge, experience and huge amounts of enthusiasm and musicality. I can’t wait for the next opportunity to bring him into a rehearsal!

Darryl Pope
Director of Music, Pembroke School, Adelaide, South Australia
It’s always a joy and pleasure to work with Billy B – trombone extraordinaire. He is a highly valued arranger, teacher and performer – now an Adelaide treasure.

Bruce Hancock
Head Jazz Studies, Elder Conservatorium of Music, University of Adelaide
Immanuel College’s affiliation with Bill Broughton began in 1998 and since this time his inspiration and enthusiasm for music has continued to be passed down from student to student. Bill’s philosophy & desire to maintain the “fun” in music is evident whether working with one student or an entire ensemble. His encouragement and knowledge flows effortlessly, as he engages with every member of the ensemble. Bill’s arrangements are carefully written with an outstanding sense of musicianship and great depth of appreciation for the level of the ensemble.

Paul Kolomitsev
Director of Bands and Instrumental Studies, (Immanuel College, Adelaide, South Australia)
At first I knew Bill as one of the finest trombonist I had ever heard. Consequently, he has been on every recording I’ve had anything to do with. At present, he is an outstanding composer in films as well…

Morton Stevens
Hollywood Film Composer / Conductor
Bill Broughton, in my opinion, is the fastest rising star of trombone players, as well be should be. He has an excellent technique, a beautiful sound, stamina, and his interpretation is ‘pro’. In short, Bill Broughton has everything at his beck and call to take him to great heights in our profession, and importantly too, he relates to students, having had teaching experience with his many students.

Dick Noel
retired Hollywood recording artist, publisher
One of the great trombone players in the country today! A man of fantastic ability.

Lloyd Ulyate
Hollywood recording artist
We needed him and we’ve got him. Bill Broughton will start in where the rest of us have left off. A fine trombonist, a fine composer, a fine arranger, a fine gentleman, and above all, a fine friend.

Tommy Pederson
retired Hollywood recording artist
Bill…that gorgeous sound, exquisite musicality and that effortless, remarkable technique…you are truly a master trombonist!

Dr. Thomas Walker
Asst. Head Oklahoma State University Department of Music
In all the years I have been a musician and Trombonist, Bill Broughton is the finest trombonist and musician I have ever heard.

Joe Howard
retired Hollywood recording Artist
Bill…memorable, lots of fun, thoroughly professional treatment (as Executive producer / Director and Writer)…We struck a blow for musical literacy!

Bill Scott
Voice-over Star. Original voice of Bullwinkle, Dudley Do-Right and numerous others
Bill…(as Executive Producer / Director and Writer) you have a wonderful laid back generous style.

June Foray
Voice-over Star. Original voice of Rocky, Natasha and numerous others
I had the pleasure of working with Bill Broughton, here in L.A. and I knew he was a monster player, a virtuoso and a beautiful ballad player — great sound. He also wrote some things for our Tonight Show Band — very talented — and a gentleman…

Gil Falco
Hollywood recording artist, Tonight Show Band trombonist
Broughton… charming if not imaginative arrangement… bringing in a lush, sensuous sound.

Glendale, New-Press
That’s right, a swingin’ trombone ensemble playing souped-up arrangements of ancient spirituals, accompanied by a hot rhythm section! The six man ‘bone team tears through spirituals with amazingly boppin’ results. Much to the credit goes to the arrangements by Bill Broughton…but the players are no slouches either.

December 18, 1993 issue on reviewing “Spiritual To The Bone”
Bill Broughton is simply amazing: not only because of his incredible musicianship, but more so due to his overwhelming energy and vigour. His immense passion infects and is a spur to action. The wisdom in his insightful words truly extends far beyond solely the field of music. Within his anecdotes of experiences from a time passed, is embedded, what is really, a timeless universal mindset to success and happiness.

Albert Wu
Student (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide, South Australia)
Bill Broughton was an inspiring speaker, I appreciated the enthusiasm and passion he has for music and the young generation. I have never felt better about starting a new day and it’s thanks to Bill’s encouragement that I have achieved this positive mind set. I know the band really appreciated his words of encouragement and helped our confidence for further contests and concerts. He’s a great role model and has made me a better leader as I can pass on his positivity on the rest of the music students. Bill, I greatly appreciate all the support and inspiration you’ve given myself and the music students at Immanuel College.

Madison Hughes
Student 2011 Music Captain (Immanuel College, Adelaide, South Australia)
I truly appreciated the way in which Bill gave insight and advice to my entire school ensemble, and encouraged us to play our best. Bill’s genuine, caring approach and enthusiasm for music and teaching was extremely engaging - there have been few times when I have felt as motivated to achieve my best and treat each day as a new beginning! Thankyou Bill, for the inspiration and love of music you were able to pass on.

Nathan Harrison
Student 2011 Music Captain (Immanuel College, Adelaide, South Australia)