BE ATTITUDE – a motivational DVD

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Chapters: Introduction, Passion, Desire, The Decision, Freedom, The Success of Failure, Nice Guys Finish First, The Extra Mile, Love, Testimonials

Bill has spent over 40 years in every area of the Music Industry.  He is well known for his positive mental attitude and continual encouragement to others.  This DVD is a presentation of Bill’s conviction that attitude is of supreme importance to the quality of ones life. He presents principles about passion, desire, decisions, going the extra mile, love and more. He shares his life and stories in a genuine and fun style that will motivate you to change your lifestyle and attitude.

Comments from students:

I truly appreciated the way in which Bill gave insight and advice to my entire school ensemble, and encouraged us to play our best. Bill’s genuine, caring approach and enthusiasm for music and teaching was extremely engaging – there have been few times when I have felt as motivated to achieve my best and treat each day as a new beginning! Thankyou Bill, for the inspiration and love of music you were able to pass on.  Nathan Harrison: Student 2011 Music Captain (Immanuel College, Adelaide, South Australia)

Bill Broughton was an inspiring speaker, I appreciated the enthusiasm and passion he has for music and the young generation. I have never felt better about starting a new day and it’s thanks to Bill’s encouragement that I have achieved this positive mind set. I know the band really appreciated his words of encouragement and helped our confidence for further contests and concerts. He’s a great role model and has made me a better leader as I can pass on his positivity on the rest of the music students. Bill, I greatly appreciate all the support and inspiration you’ve given myself and the music students at Immanuel College. Madison Hughes: Student 2011 Music Captain (Immanuel College, Adelaide, South Australia)

Bill Broughton is simply amazing: not only because of his incredible musicianship, but more so due to his overwhelming energy and vigour. His immense passion infects and is a spur to action. The wisdom in his insightful words truly extends far beyond solely the field of music. Within his anecdotes of experiences from a time passed, is embedded, what is really, a timeless universal mindset to success and happiness.  Albert Wu: Student and Head of Bands (2011, Prince Alfred College, Adelaide, South Australia)

Life’s a Song! Sing it! (Even if they don’t know who you are) Remaining POSITIVE through the disharmony of life

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This book is filled with personal stories of Bill’s life journey, in the hopes of passing on some of the great principles he has tried to consistently apply to his life. Many of the names mentioned will be known to those who are in the world of music and you will see how they were such a great part of molding his career. The principles expanded on (called “Factors”) in each chapter are: Desire, Faith, Integrity, Patience, Mentor, Servitude, Extra Mile, Think and Speak Accurately, Mirror, and Love. It’s an easy read but it will encourage you in your Life’s Song!


1. “My name is Damien and I met Bill at a men’s group in South Australia. I was distressed at the meeting, having to deal with a mate’s problems. I was frank and outspoken on the topic at hand for the benefit for the guys in a similar situation.

Bill picked up that I was distressed and, as it happened, I found out he was a close neighbour, living 2km away. Bill then offered me his friendship and told me to pop in whenever two cars were present, as I did one day. As time passed, Bill offered me his book, “Life’s A Song! Sing it!” in CD and print format, which I listened to. I am not much of a reader so my son got the book after I had listened to the CD’s.

I was clearly suffering anxiety and depression and found this audio book and his guidance EXTREMELY helpful. This helped lead my life to a path of helping others with anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts. Bill encouraged me to pursue a goal of helping others, through a newly created suicide prevention network for country South Australia.

Our friendship now extends past 2 years and forever, as he offers his friendship and guidance for life. Bill has made me look at my life in a more positive light through his vast knowledge and guidance. Life is still a struggle for me at times, but Bill has made me see life as a gift, a song that has to be sung. THANKS, Bill Broughton.”

2. “Bill has learned a lot of wonderful lessons of life, the importance of integrity and honesty with friends and giving others all you’ve got, and then some…in order to lighten their load…some great, great concepts, and expressed very nicely. He is very articulate, obviously a man of great depth.”  Mr. Chuck Whitlock (American best-selling author: “Police Heroes”)  

3. “Life’s a Song! Sing it! is full of true principles that when applied are guaranteed to help you succeed and live a fulfilling life. Bill does a wonderful job using stories to illustrate the power of these principles. Find your passion and sing it to the world.”  Mr. T. J. Hoisington (American best-selling author: “If You Think You Can”)  

4. “Bill’s refreshing and inspiring book encourages readers to nurture and release the ‘music’ from within. In this delightful book, you will find ‘aha’ moments that bring harmony to you and those around you.”  Mr. Eric Allenbaugh, Ph.D. (American best-selling author: “Deliberate Success”)

5. “This book makes me feel that I have been given another chance to go and make a difference in my life. Bill has such a way of helping you to establish the importance of your inner strength and the greater powers that are around and in us: his passion of personal peace and strength show through in every word of this book…a guiding light for all to receive…very refreshing…easy read. What I like most, is that Bill gives us something we can apply in our life one minute after reading his book and make a difference…!”  Mr. Cleve Tidwell (President, Money Cafe USA, Inc. & Knowsi-land, Inc., Japan International Financial Advisors Tokyo, Osaka, Denver)

Take A Moment For A Good Thought

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Positive thinking and living is a learned skill. What we say, how we act and react are all responses that can be changed by our own personal choice to do so. The old adage “what goes in must come out” is a reality in our everyday attitude. Positive in, positive out…negative in, negative out. In our hurried lives of activity, it seems that most of us don’t take real time to seriously spend in the privacy of our own mind and heart. This little booklet has only 30 very short pages with thoughts that are positive to be “fed” into ones mind and heart. Just take a short private time, preferably in the morning and read only one thought (out loud) six times. Take another two minutes and think about it, chew on it, let it dissolve into your thought process. Try and remember it during the day. Out loud is important. That lets you actually hear it and it goes into your inner mind, the subconscious and begins to be believed. Of course, this is all a matter of personal choice to change one’s thinking and lifestyle but, personally, I truly believe it’s worth the effort.