Gimme That Swing-Time Religion

One of the newest productions with 8 Trombones and rhythm. Great songs of the church with a fun swing. Fast, medium, slow and fun to listen to. Mostly arranged by Bill but with a couple of charts from his friend, James Gall, adding his flavor of writing and enhancing this new CD. Bill had fun playing all the parts on this one. Enjoy!



  1. Wonderful Words of Life
  2. Take My Hand
  3. Shall We Gather At The River
  4. Draw Me Nearer (Arr. James Gall)
  5. Near The Cross
  6. This Little Light Of Mine
  7. Showers Of Blessing
  8. Jesus Loves Me (Arr. James Gall)
  9. Trusting As The Moments Fly
  10. Have You Any Room For Jesus
  11. Happy Chappy

Big Bill Broughton’s Big Boomin’ Big Band!


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This band was recorded in 1974 and it was comprised of some of the greatest studio players of that time. Each title was what I call a “one taker”. There are no edits, no “punch-ins”, no stacking of any kind. All the guys are in the same room at the same time and it was mixed to a 2 track master. There might have been three takes on one of the cuts but they were complete in every sense of the words.

Surely a fun time and an terrific example of the kinds of musicians that I had the honor to work with and learn from.


  1. Makin’ It
  2. Coronary Trombosis
  3. Czardas
  4. Planet Mars
  5. UniSax
  6. Draganet

T’Bone’s Unlimited!

Ten Trombones and Rhythm. A popular CD. (Spiritual To The Bone revisited).

T'Bones Unlimited

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These charts were originally written and performed by the Spiritual to the Bone CD’s produced in (and around) 1994. Since my move to Australia, I renamed the group T’Bones Unlimited and rewrote the charts for seven trombones and rhythm. Additional charts followed and the group became a bit popular in Adelaide playing at the Gov jazz club and other venues around Adelaide.

These are the original STTB recordings re-released and I will, to the best of my memory, give proper credit to the solo players below in the play list!


  1. Little David Play
    This arrangement was written for my son, David. I remember after it was recorded, he would put it in his CD player on repeat and listen to it forever, usually falling asleep while he listened. The opening solo is me as well as playing lead but the jazz solo is Herbie Bruce, who always knocked me out when he played. I had him in mind when I wrote the fast tempo. Wanted to see how he would do. Ha! Just great, Herbie.
  2. Swing Low
    Willis Howell had a great Bass trombone sound like my old friend George Roberts and I thought it appropriate to write this for Willis. Nice solo Willis, love that great sound. Eric Alexander follows with the jazz in this arrangement.
  3. Go Down Moses
    Along with playing lead, the opening solo is mine but the piece takes on a nice flavor when Eric Alexander does his love jazz in the 3 beat.
  4. Heaven Bound
    On each album we decided to write at least two pieces without rhythm. I suppose to save money in recording but also for the nice sound of the lyrical trombone. This is a solo I wrote for myself and ten trombones. Just a lovely melody.
  5. I Want To Be Ready
    An addition of voices is a nice touch but Herbie Bruce touches it up real good with his hot jazz.
  6. Go Tell It On The Mountain
    As usual some tasty and lovely jazz improv by Eric Alexander
  7. Jesus Wipes Away My Tears
    Ten trombones, no rhythm and solo for me. I love melodies.
  8. Deep River
    The lead playing is me as well as the plunger solo. Short but hopefully, sweet!
  9. All Over God’s Heaven
    Another great Bass trombone solo performed by Willis Howell
  10. Old Time Religion
    Some quick cadenza solos in the beginning but no great feature of jazz improv. The middle section was written to sound like a bunch of people “gossiping, yakking no good” etc. Then they seem to find their way and play together again.
  11. He Knows My Ways
    Just a nice melody with no improvisation performed by the ten trombones and rhythm.
  12. Standin’ In The Need Of Prayer
    Written in Five-four (5/4) for the reason that “prayer” seems to be difficult for everyone. Occasionally it falls into place (it goes into four) for a few bars then back to uneasy. Usual good jazz by Eric Alexander
  13. When He Calls Me Home
    Another ballad melody with no rhythm and again my solo.
  14. He’s Got The Whole World
    An as usual good Bass trombone solo by Willis Howell, jazz improv by Herb Bruce and Steve Bulla and I trade 4’s.
  15. Just A Closer Walk
    No rhythm with this arrangement. Fun to play and a bit of a “rip off” (a couple ideas) by the arranger (me) from “Tutti’s Trombones”, a great album from Hollywood years earlier.
  16. Steal Away
    A good plunger solo by Eric Alexander
  17. Nobody Knows The Trouble
    Trading 4’s in this arrangement is Eric Alexander and Steve Bulla