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Famoose Moose’s Greatest Hits and Misses!

A famoose Moose and friends have a good time reminiscing and singing about their experience’s. You will know them all if you were, and are still, a fan of this Famoose Character! All music composed and arranged by Bill Broughton. Words of Songs by Bill Scott and Bill Broughton. Scriptswritten by Bill Scott, who is also the voice of the Famoose Moose, Mountie and Announcer. The voice of famoose Squirrel as well as the foreign lady is June Foray and Joe Alesky is the voice of foreign gentleman (though he is no gentleman). The “Ballad for Moose” is sung by Bill Broughton, who also is the “Whistler’s Moose” and all of the other singers and performers were some of Hollywood’s finest. Produced in the mid 1980’s.

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Playlist. Have a FUN listen!

  1. Ballad for Moose 011 Ballad for Moose WEB
  2. Moose for Statehood 012 Moose for Statehood WEB
  3. Big and Small 013 Big and Small WEB
  4. Whistler’s Moose 014 Whistling Moose WEB
  5. Stouthearted Mountie 015 Stouthearted Mountie WEB
  6. Wossamatta With Higher Education 016 Moose for Higher Education WEB
  7. Days of Yore 017 Moose Days of Yore WEB
  8. Foreign Tap Dancer 018 The Tap Dancer WEB
  9. Mountie’s Vacation South 019 Mounties Vacation WEB
  10. Moose Being Happy 020 Moose Being Happy WEB

Swing for Tots!

A wonderful collection of Nursery Rhymes with a groove. Sung beautifully by Lauren Stobie. A soft but swingin’ CD for little ones and their parents (and grandparents)! Easy on the ears and very light on the heart!

Words are also included so you can sing along!

Produced by Bill and Jan Broughton


Playlist. Have a good listen!

  1. Bingo bingo
  2. Frere Jacques frerejaques
  3. Hush Little Baby hushlittlebaby
  4. If You’re Happy If You’re Happy And You Know It
  5. L’il Liza Jane L’il Liza Jane
  6. Mary Had A Little Lamb Mary Had A Little Lamb
  7. Michael Finnegan Michael Finnegan
  8. Michael Row the Boat Ashore Michael Row The Boat
  9. Old MacDonald had a Farm Old MacDonald Had A Farm
  10. The Farmer in the Dell The Farmer In The Dell
  11. This Old Man This Old Man
  12. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Swing for Tots! (2 CD Set)

Or you can have the 2CD set that includes the accompaniment tracks so that you and your children can have lots of fun singing “souly” and solely together!


Lauren Stobie is the vocalist for all tracks on “Swing for Tots. She sings with a ‘heart’ for young listeners and displays her love of singing through her expressive vocals.

Happy Songs, Happy Kids!!

This is a positive and uplifting album for kids of all generations. Happiness, kindness and friendship are promoted with great music and lyrics that will have you and your children singing and dancing as you listen.

This album will introduce young people to many styles of music: pop, rock, funk, bluegrass, country, swing, ballads and more, with creative sounds and high energy.

We hope that you enjoy listening to this album as much as we have enjoyed producing it for you!

Words have been included so you can sing along!

Produced by Bill and Jan Broughton



Or you can download tracks from or !


  1. Happy 1happysongshappy
  2. Friends Today Friends Today
  3. Happy Bluegrass Hopper Happy Bluegrass Hopper
  4. Make Friends Make Friends
  5. One Happy Song One Happy Song
  6. Whistling Happy Whistling Happy
  7. Full Of Sunshine Full Of Sunshine
  8. Think Big, Get Tall Think Big, Get Tall
  9. Happy Bell Ringer Happy Bell Ringer
  10. Happy Round About Happy Round About
  11. Happy Whistling Song Happy Whistling Song
  12. Get On Your Way Get On Your Way
  13. Dance The Day Away Dance The Day Away
  14. Make You Happy Make You Happy
  15. Happy Like Me Happy Like Me
  16. Joy Happy Sax Joy Happy Sax
  17. Happy Birthday Song Happy Birthday Song
  18. Happy Birthday Accompaniment Happy Birthday Accompaniment