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William (Bill) Broughton, trombone player, composer, conductor, author, producer and motivational speaker.

Bill is available for Tours, Concerts (as Conductor, Soloist or both) Commissions by Composition or Arranging, Adjudicating, Master Classes, Artist in Residence and Motivational Presentations. For rates and dates, please contact us. We are always happy to hear from you and to respond, in kind (via email), to your questions, suggestions, musical needs or friendly hello’s.

If you’re into playing as well as listening, take a look through the publications online. We still have lots to do with the publication samples but we’ll ultimately get there, to be sure! You’ll notice, too, that every CD has a sample of each item in the CD so you can be sure to know what you are receiving if you order.

So! Please keep checking in every so often. Though it’s not as often as we would like, we still take seriously our commitment to keep updating the site so that you can be better informed of our activities, etc.

CD’s and Audio Books in the Publications and Music pages are also available.